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Audrey & Stéphane 

Are you worldschooling, immigrating or simply seeking a community
to join in? 

Come and live one or several months with us!

Our intention is to welcome you, share what we have (home, cars, leisure facilities ...),
and allow a family or people with similar values than ours to enjoy the wonderful place where we live.

Parc de la Jacques Cartier
Bonjour !
Plage privée domaine des sœurs de la charité

What drives us

We are motivated by the desire to share and share with others the pleasant environment in which we live and the will to live our values with others:

  • Learning, evolution,

  • Connection, collaboration,

  • Authenticity, simplicity,

  • Openness to what is presented.

We want to offer what we would like to live and build inspiring relationships for our children.


Our offer

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Come and experience the charms of autumn and winter in Quebec!
Come and get to know Québec's culture, history, language and cuisine in a very touristic area with many cultural attractions and many opportunities for outdoor activities in summer and winter: mountains, river, national parks, cultural and sporting activities Available at the door of the house!

We open our house located on the Ile d'Orléans, in the middle of the St Lawrence River, in front of the city of Quebec. Small rural village 15 km from Quebec City, in an agricultural and wooded area. Quiet location in a private street. Pleasant neighborhood. Pets welcome.


The idea is to allow a family to settle down here for several months at a modest cost and to share values and a way of life that resonates in all of us.


Our request

We want to evolve in different humanistic practices such as non-violent communication (NVC), benevolent parenting, collaborative governance, restorative circles and all collective intelligence practices in general that strengthen human ties in any community.
Evolve through contact with others and "live together". Maintain connection and depth of connections.

We are looking for people with the same values, intentions and interests as us. Both in personal development, in parentality or in community life.

If you are unschoolers, immigrants, travelers, or simply interested in living by embodying these values, you are the ones we wnat to share our space with !

Looking forward to meeting you!